6 Important Tips For Supply Teachers Looking To Fast-Track Their Careers In Banbury

As a recent graduate or somebody looking for a break from full-time teaching, finding the right opportunities for supply teachers Banbury can provide the much-needed momentum in your career-life. First, you get an opportunity to build your teaching experience. Secondly, you get a chance to work on a flexible work schedule and thirdly, you can use this as platform to build networks with many people who can shape your career going forward. In order to increase your chances of success at this stage of career growth, here are 5 tips that you should implement.

Stick To the Lesson Plan

Never alter the lesson plan unless the teacher in charge has failed to leave a plan for the day. If you arrive in class without a lesson plan, call the office and request for the teacher’s emergency sub plan. If there isn’t one available then you may want to ask the school principal or the teacher in charge what the students should be working on.

Be Friendly And Ready To Learn

Competition for supply teachers Banbury opportunities increases by the day and therefore it is important to brand yourself as a professional who is friendly and ready to learn. Help your students and colleagues at work feel comfortable by developing a positive and enthusiastic attitude. Create a few friends among the teaching staff as well as with the students. Be humble and ready to go out of your way to fulfill the teacher’s responsibilities.

Treat This Opportunity like A Permanent Opportunity

A supply teacher is a job like any other and it is important to respect it. So one should wake up early in the morning, get to work on time, dress professionally and follow the lesson plan appropriately. By doing that you will command more respect and your career will flourish. On the other hand, if you are always late for work and/or dress casually, then chances are that you will not be take seriously and your career might stall.

Balance Between Your Professional And Private Life

As a supply teacher it is easy to mix the affairs of private life with your professional life. However, if you want to succeed you must desist from doing this. Never discuss confidential information or behavioural problems with other staff members or parents. Speak with the school principal if you have a concern about a particular student and be sure to leave a note for the teacher in charge as well. Keep your views about education, politics and religion to yourself.

Work With An Agency

When looking for supply teaching opportunities if you choose to register with a recruitment agency that specialises in Banbury area you stand a far better chance of not only finding stable work but also securing an environment that is ideal. A good agency is one that offers a bespoke service irrespective of what position you are looking for – whether you want work on a day-to-day basis or are looking for a longer term position such as to cover for teachers taking long-term leave. Most schools in the area have signed up with local recruitment agencies which then link them to job seekers. By engaging with a reputable agency you can simply upload your CV online for primary or secondary schools in this jurisdiction to find you easily.