Managing a Relationship with Recruiters

Looking for a new job is a difficult enough time as it is, without the stress of your recruitment consultant not getting back to you. When you opt to work with a recruiter, you must remember that you are not their only client and that the responsibility is also on you to be productive and proactive. Here are some tips:

  • If you haven’t heard from your recruitment consultant for a few days, give them a ring. Don’t hound them every day though.
  • Be friendly. If you have a good personal relationship with your recruitment agency, this will help them sell you as a candidate.
  • Sign up for automated emails. Look for the jobs that appeal to you on the agency’s website.
  • Be patient. A recruiter’s job is to find the roles that match you, not the roles that come through the door first. If it takes a while to find your perfect position, it’s better to wait.