Should You Hire Somebody Who Doesn’t Meet The Job Requirements?

When you set up a listing for position you need to be filled within your company across various jobs sites or ad boards, and the listing has ran for a number of weeks or months and the position has still not been filled, it maybe time to reassess the job requirements in the listing.

You may have conducted a series of interviews hoping to find an candidate that met all these requirements, but struck out because they may have had all the experiences but were too old, or were young and inexperienced.

Firstly if you have to decide what sort of candidate your looking for, such as, somebody who can be adaptive to change quickly and can learn on the job as they go, or somebody experienced who is slower to adapt but knows the job well and learns enough to get them by? You may decide you want somebody who is in the middle and has some experience, but is also adaptive to change quickly and forward thinking, who can bring something new and innovative to your company; it depends on the business you have and what job you are expecting the potential employee to do when they are employed in your company regarding who you want to choose.

Once you have an idea what type of employee your looking for you should then start adapting your requirements to match roughly what a candidate can do at that level on average as some might not have the skills you require, but they may have other skills that will be beneficial to your company that you have not considered; it might be best to go through the previous candidates C.V’s you have and look at their skills and experiences and see what can be improved in your business to match if the majority have skills and experience┬álatest software being used, or are adopting the latest business trends.

By doing this you can see how adaptive your existing staff are to change and start moving your company forward with what’s new and current, or whats recent but stable and in practice across other businesses.

Once you have a new system in place, you can place a new listing with the new job requirements and roughly match the new candidates to the job you want them to do, but don’t be too strict, it’s ok to hire somebody who is highly adaptive even if they don’t match all the requirements of the job; put them to work and see how quickly they can pick it up and grow with your company.