The Three Main Management Styles

There are a variant of different management styles out there, thought they all stem from 3 distinct core types, which are Directing, Discussing and Delegating. There will of course be variations of these cores across different fields with different management techniques used for different types of groups and nature of the business.

A manager who implements and uses the style of Directing will tell their employees how to think, how they want something done and when they want it done by; the employees learn through listening and following directions.

A manager who implements the Discussing style of management will actively encourage employees to think for themselves and be critical, whilst discussing problems that need to be resolved, putting forward ideas, and asking questions; they learn through the interaction with the other employees in the active discussion, whilst the manager facilitates and guides them towards a logical conclusion.

The delegating style promotes learning through empowerment. With this style, the manager assigns tasks that employees work on independently, either individually or in groups.