Temporary Warehouse Operatives: An Asset Or A Burden?

In this day and age it’s easier to hire temporary workers to fulfil manufacturing needs of your company; when the job is done they are no longer required and it’s easier and cheaper to release them from employment after.

When you hire temporary workers, you have to take the good with the bad, as not everybody is going to be a good worker and those that are good workers are what really keep the process moving forward.

Because of the way companies and agencies have treated temporary workers across the sectors; more so in warehouse environments. We now have a declining performance ratio and the workers that were once good have long since been tarnished by the way they and others like them have been treated and have as a result been labelled as just a resource rather than as a person and added to the bad reputation that many recruitment agencies have gained over the years, since they were formed.

Those native British workers have now been replaced with foreign labour because native British workers have grown tired of the bad treatment from companies and agencies alike.

The correct thing to do now is to have an in-house agency that is run by your company and filter applicants for the various roles you may have within your company; you can also outsource to agencies when your candidate lists are low and start getting the right staff to do the job you need, for however long you need them.

The key is to treat every single worker the same, regardless of the job they are doing and help them to feel part of the team. Every job within your company matters, as every single job within your company is what makes your business grow; if your staff are well treated and happy, and you have made them feel welcome and part of something, they will inevitably do better.

Always remember not to be cheap though, as if you pay workers the minimum, you’re going to get low quality production or a poor performance outcome; pay them a fair wage that’s right for the job and you will start to see the return soon enough and things will just start working better.

Start monitoring their performance and recognise those who do better and reorganise tasks to get the bet productivity of your workforce.