Microsoft Expertzone: The retail experience

I used to work for a high street videogame retailer. I will not say the name, but you know which one I mean. We had very little chance at progression within the backwards company but, thanks to Microsoft and Sony, we at least had the opportunity to complete some online retail training to bolster our knowledge and our CVs. The Microsoft program was the stronger of the two, dubbing itself Microsoft Expertzone.

Microsoft Expertzone covered a variety of topics; ranging from Microsoft’s videogame consoles (The Xbox 360 and the new Xbox One) to their accessories and PC hardware products and finally to Microsoft’s core pillar in their entire business; Windows. The training would cover all bases before testing your knowledge with the kinds of questions that customers might ask you, allowing you to respond correctly to try and secure a sale. For completing the programs you even earned points to spend on Microsoft products, at a good rate of course!