Career choices in the education sector

Working in education does not always mean working as a teacher as there are many roles that involve working in schools or colleges with pupils that are, some would say, as important. The role of a teacher requires a degree level of education which may not be possible for some people who want to work in this sector so what are some of the other career choices open to those wanting to work in education?

Teaching assistants are invaluable in the classroom as they support the teacher in the day to day running of the classroom, sometimes working alongside vulnerable pupils and carrying out some of the administrative duties that a teacher needs to do. The role can be very rewarding yet does not involve taking responsibility for the class as a whole unless the teaching assistant is a HLTA, a Higher Level Teaching Assistant, which may involve some teaching as directed and planned by the teacher.

Learning support assistants work with individual pupils or small groups of pupils at various point during the school day to offer them additional support and to administer learning catch up programs as identified as necessary by the teacher. The school additional needs department plays a vital role in helping children to progress in their education if they need extra support.