Using LinkedIn To Advance Your Career

LinkedIn is a good place to start to showcasing your skills and abilities, man y of the recruitment consultants for the IT based agencies, teacher based agencies and even those who specialise in business related roles will be using LinkedIn to source new candidates for the positions they have available.

Often if you have experiences to go with your skills and abilities, it’s good to state where and when you acquired those skills, in conjunction with any related qualifications you have have.

LinkedIn also has a feature where you can be endorsed for the particular skills your connections who know you personally know that you have; the more endorsements you have the better it looks on your profile and you will have an increased chanced of being recruited for an available position that you are interested in taking on.

Be careful about adding your phone number to LinkedIn as Recruitment Consultants will use that number and pass it onto other Recruitment consultants also, and may even call you late in the evening trying to catch you outside work hours to discuss a great opportunity they have for you.