Financial adviser: Essential Training

There are certain requirements that need to be met if you want to become a financial advisor. You can undertake different forms of training but one of the following qualifications is key to successful career:

  • Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning
  • Diploma in Investment Planning;
  • Diploma for Financial Advisers
  • Investment Advice Diploma

Research and reading will only get you so far, but there are interactive online courses that can test your knowledge and put your financial advisory skills to the test. It’s very beneficial to target an area and make it your own, so if you’re interested in providing advice on mortgages then stick with it, while other options include equity, stocks, pension and shares.

Qualifications from training will only do so much, and when you’re relevant training or course is complete you have to find relevant work experience to get started. People will only seek a financial advisor who has some crucial experience and while training can help, you have to have the experience to back it up.