Getting Trained on Microsoft Excel

With support for Microsoft Office 2003 just recently dropped by Microsoft, Microsoft Office 2007 is now the oldest version of Office still supported by Microsoft, and many people are still using this version of Office – the first one to introduce the Ribbon. It doesn’t really matter what version of Office you are using today, the important thing is that you’re trained – if you’re using Excel 2007, by taking Excel 2007 training courses you can still outperform your piers who are using the latest version of Office, but haven’t trained for it.

Why bother with Excel 2007 training courses

The reason you should train for Excel 2007 is the same reason you would traing for anything else – you want to work better and faster. In too many offices, staff spend hours doing a task that could be done in minutes if only they knew how. If you take the time to see someĀ Excel 2007 training courses through, then you’ll be able to master things like VLOOKUP, PivotTables and basic macros – that alone will put you ahead of the rest of your piers and impress your managers.

I would like to train, what options do I have?

When it comes to Excel 2007 training courses, you have several options:

  • Face to face lessons at your companies premises
  • Face to face lessons at a trainers venue (their own, or a conference room at a hotel, etc)
  • Books
  • Online videos
  • Online interactive courses

The last option is the one I would recommend the most – online Excel 2007 training courses have a huge benefit over face to face lessons because they are flexible – you are not tied to someone elses timetable, you can fit in the training when you want.

They also have a advantage over books, because you’re by yourself and a book can’t demonstrate something to you

And finally, the online interactive courses have an advantage over online videos because you actually participate in the lessons – by having to actively participate in a lesson you retain a lot more knowledge than if you just simply watched a video.

I also recommend it because after studying the different options, we opted to provide Interactive online Excel 2007 training rather than any of the other formats because we feel it is the most beneficial and cost effective for staff and businesses alike.

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