Is writing a talent or a skill?

It is a vague title I know; but I often think about writing. Whether it be long form writing of essays or even down to the short form writing of these blog posts and I thought to myself “can you get better at it simply by doing it?” It’s a weird question and something that applies to many fields; the more you run the fitter you get, the more you paint the better you get, the more you play a musical instrument you see yourself improving. But writing? How do you judge that without help?

You can’t see if your punctuation is improving without help, nor see if your sentence structure is improving. Is the flow better? Without a reader who can tell? The one thing you can develop is a voice; you can learn to sound more authoritative, and learn to push your own voice through your writing instead of standard, voiceless prose. Good luck guys; it’ll get better as you go along, even if you can’t see it.