Should you Accept that New Job?

If you have been offered a new job, it’s an exciting time. There is also a lot to think about and just because you have been offered a job, doesn’t mean you should necessarily accept it. Here are some things to think about to help you decide whether you should accept the new role you have been offered:

  • Have you had a provisional contract through? If details like wages and holidays have only been discussed provisionally in an interview, you should make sure they are confirmed before you accept the role.
  • Do you have a good gut feeling? Often with an important life decision like a new job, your gut instinct will be the best indicator you have. If it is telling you that you will enjoy the role, go for it.
  • Do you like the people? If you haven’t enjoyed speaking to the people who have interviewed you, then you should maybe consider the fact that the company just might not be right for you.